Eid Mubarak to all!

assalamu alaikum,


eid mubarak everyone, inshaAllah eid is on Nov, 16,2010 or Thul Hijjah 11 1431!!

Lets not forget to fast on the Day of al-Arafah inshaAllah!! the reward is expiations for sins from previous year and coming year!! Allahu akbar! how merciful is Allah!

This however doesnt mean for us to think"Oh this means i can do whatever i want! yay me!And no need to worry about sins and punishment because i am guranteed forgiveness!" EEEEEEEEE!! wrong!! thats not how it works at all O Muslims!! Its like you are saying, " O Allah I am not going to fulfill all of your commands and obligations but I will make sure I say the shahada before I die!" umm......isnt this plotting against Allah!?

Lets not forget Allah is the supreme plotter and knows whats running through our heads every second!

Allah says:

"So they plotted a plot, and We planned a plan, while they perceived not."(surah an-Naml:50)

Islam is a comprehensive religion. Its a FULL TIME job not a part time thing. You worship Allah from the day it is obligated upon you and you have full understanding and basic knowledge of how to and you continue till your death!!

Lets not forget Islam means submitting and giving up our desires for the sake of Allah.

InshaAllah we should make duaa for those who are performing hajj this year that Allah accepts it frm them and makes it easy for them, we should also make duaa for the suffering Muslims all over especially in our witr salah(qunut), we should make duaa that Allah accepts our good deeds,erases our sins, and allows us at least once in this lifetime to make hajj mabrur for his sake!

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