There's a place for people like you in heaven...

The one with faith
The one with knowledge
The one with strength
The one who loves
The faithful wife
The caring husband
The patient father
The dutiful daughter
The loving mother
The thankful son

Who all believe in the one
There's a place for you in heaven...


The last days

When the mountains would prostate
So high and so great
And yet we in meekness
Keep our backs straight
Who is it we believe is great?

When fajr is forgotten
But death is still a norm
When fear has crumbled
And hope is gone

When distrust is rampant
And the people are barely dressed
When there is openly lewdness
And sin causes no stress

When God is an afterthought
If a thought at all
When people cry for the loss of money
And pray for more from this world

When pain is fixed by taking drugs
When hands are used for violence
And tongues spew hatred

When the places of our forefathers
Are used for monetary gain
When a Muslim
Is the only one who remembers the purpose of life

When shaitain no longer has to try
And evil is wide spread
When the last ones to believe
Are long gone and dead

Look for the hereafter
Can't you hear his steps?



There is no power
No might
And no ability
Save with Allah

And those who know this well
Are the only one's with tranquility
Allah knows best what makes some to stray and others to believe

Some open the quran and read
As if its just another book
While others open the quran
And wept
Asking Allah for his mercy

Some can read the Arabic
Yet still look away
While others read its meaning
And there hearts tremble with fear

What could we learn if we opened this holy book?
A direct link to God
His word
His message
The stories of old
His admonition
And hope

What are we reading if were not reading the book of God?
Are we letting ourselves be fooled by this world
So blind to our desires

In the holy book of our lord
Is where we'll find the answers
Don't let the pundits and the the philosophers let us lose grip of our faith

If we read the book we'd know that we must wait

For fortune comes to many
Yet God is always just
The evils ones will see there day and it will be enough

To suffice everything
Don't think that its a pity
That we miss out on this world
The book says it will crumble
One day it will be dust

And therefore if faith is sound
We'll be the one's to say
"We found the promise true
Allah, Allah have mercy on us
The peace belongs to you"

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