For our mother

I get teary eyed in just reading your name
It's unbelievable that some look at you with disdain
When your beauty was the light of his eye
When you are the one who carried his words on your tongue
And his honor in your breath
Through you he never left
With you was his final rest

The Red One
The little black thing
The 3rd of many
The wife of a king
The brilliance of the blazing sun
Born in to the world knowing God is One
The daughter of the truthful
The daughter of the loyal

What is it about you that made him so in love?
What is it about you that made the angels come?
Being kept away from your physical space
Couldn't shoot down what I feel with every hadith you relate

I hope and pray for your widened grave
Ya Ayesha, Oh Umm Muminin
I will not die until they all know your grace

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