Praisest Thee

Oh dear God

My love to thee who is the merciful and kind indeed
Fair and mighty he judge us by deed
Not my color does he care
Or the texture of my hair
It is not the shoes I wear
Nor the language which I speak
For he judge me by my deed

He created one man so long ago
And taught him the knowledge from himself
Bow to Adam so he said
But the Jinn stood tall and proud
And before his lord refused to bow
The Jinn was ungrateful arrogantly so
And fell from grace
To be abhorred

But quietly not he left he promised to make mischief in the land
And behind our ears he whispers thought
But never take our hand in action
We make the choice to follow true
Or fall to lies and pay our due

The righteous shall do whats right
The wrong shall be punished with great might
They well ask for second chance
But will be granted nothing of the sort

The prophets came to them indeed
So why not follow them in heed
To love thy lord what makes you not
Is it that you just forgot

The blessing are abundant so
The food we eat the plants we grow
The children we have
The friends we love
His glory be in what we know

The little things both good and bad
Show you all you need to know
To give you chance
To repent your soul

Frolic upon beauty so bright
But only if thee do what right
Though the pressure great and strong
T’was what call them to stray away

Darkest nights
And brightest sun
All create by the one
The grass that grows
The trees that shade
Should cause man to stop and think

Not one could cause a plant to grow
Though the think they causest so
But if it be that you are
Then try to give the blind man sight

Or try to stop a human death
Or try to go right when he command you left
Control the time with your hand
Make food grow upon destitute land

Then ye know the truth indeed
Understand the will of God
None is better then our lord
He is better to be adored

Upon my rest
I’ll think of thee
The one you save me from my self
The one who strengthens me with health
You rest me down to sleep
And bring me live from the dead

Please lord bless me one more night
To forbid what’s wrong
And do what’s right
So I be among heaven sent
And not among the burning dead

"Good deeds are not equal to the evil ones. Repel other's evil deeds with your good deeds. You will see that he with whom you had enmity, will become your close friend.
But none will attain this quality except those who patiently endure and none will attain this quality except those who are truly fortunate."

Chapter: 41, Verses 34-35, Al-Quran
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island of peace on January 8, 2010 at 5:33 PM said...

simply beautiful.

nur sakinah thomas on January 9, 2010 at 9:07 AM said...

"All praise is to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. We ask His forgiveness, seek His aid, and ask Him for guidance. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil that is in ourselves, and from the evil of our actions. Whomever Allah guides, none can send astray, and whomever Allah sends astray, none can guide. We testify that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone and without partner. And, we testify that Muhammad (pbuh) is His slave and messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, his family, his companions and the rightly guided predecessors until the Last Day. Ameen."

"We ask Allah (Most Exalted is He) to accept our efforts which we do only in seeking His absolute pleasure and we ask His forgiveness for any mistakes we have made, due to our lack of knowledge or ignorance."

Nuriddeenk on January 12, 2010 at 10:15 PM said...

Insha Allah may Allah bless us with the best in this life and the next!


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