Fasting has been prescribed for us...

Surah Al Bakarah 183- 187
O believers! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may learn self- restraint.(183) Fast the prescribed number of days; except if any of you is ill or on a journey, then fast a similar number of days later. For those who can not endure it, there is a ransom: the feeding of the one poor person for each missed day. Whoever does more good voluntarily, it is better for him. However, if you truly understand it is better for you to fast. (184)
It is the month of Ramadan which the Quran was revealed, a guidance for mankind with clear teachings showing the right way and criterion. Therefore, anyone of you who witnesses that month should fast therein, and whoever is ill or on a journey shall fast a similar number of days later on. Allah intends your well- being and does not want to put you to hardship. He wants you to complete the prescribed period so that you should glorify his Greatness and render thanks to Him for giving you patience. (185)
When my servants question you about Me, tell them that I am very close to them. I answer the pray of every supplicant when he calls Me; therefore, they should respond to Me and put there trust in Me, so that they may be rightly guided. (186)
It is made lawful for you to approach your wives during the night of the fast; they are apparel for your you and you for them. Allah knows that you were committing dishonesty to your souls. So He has relented towards you and pardoned you. Now, you may approach and seek what is written for you. Eat and drink until the white thread of dawn appears to you distinct from the black thread of nightfall. Do not approach your wives during I'tikaf*. These are the limits set by Allah: do not ever violate them. Thus Allah makes His revelations clear to mankind so that they make guard themselves against evil. (187)

*I'tikaf is the retreat in the Masjid during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak, may you ahve a successful Ramadan -Allah alone gives success!
"Good deeds are not equal to the evil ones. Repel other's evil deeds with your good deeds. You will see that he with whom you had enmity, will become your close friend.
But none will attain this quality except those who patiently endure and none will attain this quality except those who are truly fortunate."

Chapter: 41, Verses 34-35, Al-Quran
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Eyewitness on August 22, 2010 at 2:58 AM said...

Kullo Aamin wa Antum bekhair. Amen


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