Imam Ash-Shafi'i on friends

A friend who does not benefit at the time of hardships,
Is close to an enemy on the scales,
The friend does not remain, during all times,
Nor does the brother, except for consolation.
I searched the days, with all my strengths
for a brother to trust, but my search was fruitless,
The lands and those who live them were barren,
As though its people were not people [I wanted them to be]
“I love those who are pious but Alas! I am not from amongst them
Maybe Allaah will bestow upon me (due to my love for them) Piety”
"Good deeds are not equal to the evil ones. Repel other's evil deeds with your good deeds. You will see that he with whom you had enmity, will become your close friend.
But none will attain this quality except those who patiently endure and none will attain this quality except those who are truly fortunate."

Chapter: 41, Verses 34-35, Al-Quran
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جـيـداءGaida on January 19, 2010 at 5:11 PM said...

I read that before but in Arabic, Imam Alshafii words and poetry are always touching, Jazak Allah for sharing ! :)

Nuriddeen bint Yusuf on March 25, 2011 at 12:04 AM said...

May Allah bless Imam Shafi

Anonymous said...

excuse me can someone pleas tell me what is the name of this poem in Arabic?


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