Allah will be Enough for You

assalamu alaikum,

Imam Sufyaan (rahimahullah) wrote in a letter:

"Improve your secret and private life, and Allah will improve your public and social life. Make matters well between you and Allah, and Allah will make matters well between you and people. Work for the Hereafter, and Allah will be enough for you in your worldly concerns."
Source: Biography of Imam Sufyaan ath-Thawri by Salaahud-Deen ibn Ali ibn Abdul-Maujood

Beautiful Qoutes from our Pious Salaf(ridwanullahi alayhim):

"Good deeds are not equal to the evil ones. Repel other's evil deeds with your good deeds. You will see that he with whom you had enmity, will become your close friend.
But none will attain this quality except those who patiently endure and none will attain this quality except those who are truly fortunate."

Chapter: 41, Verses 34-35, Al-Quran
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